How To Build An Easter Dessert Charcuterie Board From Start To Finish

No matter your age, Easter is a time for sweets, treats, and colorful Peeps. Our Easter themed dessert charcuterie board will help you think beyond the traditional pink basket.

We’ll share all of the ingredients, garnishes, and steps for putting it together so all you have to do is have a hopping good time. Yep, that’s right, our Easter pun game is tight. Now onto the board!


Easter themed dessert charcuterie board with Milano cookies, chocolate bunnies, and jellybeans on a wood serving board from Siroh & Ivy


  • Milk chocolate Milano cookies
  • White fudge covered pretzels
  • Milk chocolate eggs
  • Jellybeans
  • Champagne gummy bears (found at HomeGoods)
  • Cadbury creme eggs
  • Multicolored Peeps
  • Robin eggs
  • Chocolate mints
  • 2 large chocolate bunnies
  • Garnish
    • A show-stopping serving board (check out ours at
    • 4 small bowls or ramekins (found at HomeGoods)
    • Plastic spotted eggs (found at Michaels)
    • Dried pink mini roses (air dried at home)

Easter themed dessert charcuterie board with Peeps, chocolate eggs, and chocolate mints on a wood serving board from Siroh & Ivy


  1. Determine what serving board you’re going to use to display your dessert spread on. We used our large, locally-sourced Maple Serving Board with a sea foam design.
  2. Fill your small bowls or ramekins to the brim—one with chocolate mints, one with jellybeans, one with robin eggs, and one with gummy bears.
  3. Place two of the bowls in opposite corners on your serving board, and then place the other two diagonal to one another towards the middle.
  4. Create one or two lines of Peeps (depending on how many you have) that surround one of the bowls in the corner, making sure the Peeps follow the curvature of the bowl.
  5. In the opposite corner, create a nice path of Milano cookies that curve toward the center of the board and then around one of the middle bowls. This path of cookies, along with the line of Peeps, helps draw the eyes of hungry guests to focal points on the board.
  6. Arrange the remaining Easter treats in sections around your already placed elements. Add color across your serving board by separating like-color ingredients.
  7. Use the plastic spotted eggs to fill any large gaps on your board. We chose to go with more muted colors for a more sophisticated look.
  8. Lastly, garnish your completed board with the dried pink roses, and don’t forget to supply small plates and skewers if needed.

    Easter themed dessert charcuterie board with Milano cookies, chocolate bunnies, and jellybeans on a wood serving board from Siroh & Ivy

    Additional/Alternative Ingredients

    • Pastel-colored rock candy Macarons
    • Waffle cookies
    • White peanut butter-chocolate cups Hershey kisses
    • Sour fruit strips

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