Sarah Cunzolo owner of Siroh & Ivy sitting on porch of log cabin in a green tank top smiling

Founded on good taste

Our founder and head creator Sarah Cunzolo isn’t just someone who loves good food—she also loves good art. Long before creating artisanal serving boards and coasters for serious entertainers like yourself, Sarah found success as a resin artist commissioning large-scale paintings for her clients’ homes.

After adding woodworking to her tool belt, Sarah was able to combine her two biggest loves: resin art and charcuterie. She now works tirelessly—like literally until 1 am—to ensure that every Siroh & Ivy product you display in your home wows your guests with fine craftsmanship, unique textures, and artistic flair.

Fueled by community

What keeps us cutting, sanding, oiling, and adding layer after layer of resin until our products are perfect is not our gross profit—though we do enjoy visiting our local deli with a little extra spending money. At Siroh & Ivy, our deepest passion is helping people gather together and build relationships. Good art and good food can do wonders to set the mood and stoke great conversation, and that’s why we make products that help you elevate the way you entertain.

Beyond the benefits our customers experience, Siroh & Ivy places great importance on working together with other local creators. Owner Sarah Cunzolo believes that as her business grows, it should provide opportunities for other business owners. That’s why we’re proud to partner with local woodworkers, artists, copywriters, photographers, and marketers to bring you truly unique products.

Focused on quality

Siroh & Ivy isn’t interested in selling you mass-produced products. Why? Well, it’s partially because our cozy 400-square-foot workshop doesn’t allow for it, but it’s mostly because those mass-produced items lack the heart, soul, and story of a craftsman (or in our case a craftswoman).

When you receive or give a serving board, a set of coasters, or a painting from Siroh & Ivy, you can rest assured that it was locally sourced, custom styled, and meticulously finished by hand right here in the United States. The result of hours of handcrafted artistry on our end is an item that is uniquely yours.

Other places to find us

For behind-the-scenes content, examples of our work, or other places to purchase our quality products, please visit: