Sarah Cunzolo, artist of Siroh & Ivy, stands in front of a large blue ocean resin painting staring with a soft expression


Sarah Cunzolo is an acrylic and resin artist who helps people express their inner creativity and put their unique touch on the world. With a background in athletic training, Sarah currently lives in Beaver, PA and works in the medical field as she pursues her dreams of being an artist and designer.

Obsessed with creating art that makes people feel good, she masterfully uses dynamic colors, high contrast, fluid movements, and organic compositions to deliver visual experiences. Using a combination of acrylics, resin, pigments, inks, and leafing, each original painting is intriguing and full of detail. Applying a resin top-coat allows Sarah to create high-gloss finishes that mimic smooth glass, brilliantly reflect light, and reveal the complexities that form under multiple layers of resin. To her, there is nothing greater than watching a person's eyes widen and their lips silently mouth the word "wow" as they engage her art.

When she is not painting, you will find Sarah cuddling with her Javanese cat Iroh, watching rom-coms, or walking around town with her husband Mark. Through it all though, she's captured by sunsets and all things shiny, which is expressed through her art.

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