Creative Process

Q: Do you make all of the serving boards yourself?

A: We personally select the stock for every one of our serving boards from locally sourced wood. From there, we handle the entire process in-house, guaranteeing your purchase is 100% handmade and unique.

Q: How do you create your artwork?

A: We use Art Resin, Counter Culture DIY resin, alcohol inks, pigments, and acrylics on canvas, wood, metal, and other unique surfaces. We alternate pouring and painting techniques to produce our eye-catching designs. If you’d like to see this in action, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for great behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

Q: The product I loved just sold! Will you create more like it?

A: We’re always making new serving boards, coasters, and artwork, so be sure to check our shop regularly and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for updates. If you feel very passionately about this particular piece though, reach out to let us know. We may be able to create a custom commission for you (note: commission projects do cost more).

Care & Maintenance

Q: Where can I find your care instructions?

A: Head on over to our care instructions page anytime for a quick reminder on how to care for your serving board, coasters, artwork, or other purchases.

Q: Can I cut on my serving board?

A: Although resin is very durable, it can be scratched by knives. For this reason, we describe our boards as “serving boards” and not “cutting boards.” We recommend only using our boards to serve on, so it’s best to cut and prepare your appetizers before plating.

Q: Will my serving board stay smooth and shiny?

A: The more you use your board, the more worn it will look. No worries though! This is the nature of wood products and…in our eyes…gives it more character. To keep it looking its best, please see the care instructions we included below.

Q: How do I clean my serving board?

A: After each use, wash your serving board with a little soap and warm water. Please, do not soak it in water or run it through your dishwasher, as this could cause it to warp. Wipe off excess water, and allow it to dry upright. Store your serving board in a clean, dry place away from food products.

Q: How do I restore my serving board?

A: To restore the shine and seal the grain of your serving board, treat it periodically with our 100% food-safe Conditioning Oil and Finishing Wax. We handcraft each of these products using only FDA approved ingredients that are safe for contact with food and will not go rancid. We did all the research and work for you, so just pick yourself up a board care bundle today.

Q: How do I care for my coasters?

A: Simply clean them with a soft microfiber cloth and glass cleaner (or just water). Set your container on them gently, and try to avoid resting sharp or abrasive objects on them. Although resin is hard, it can be scratched. As a final precaution, try to avoid storing your coasters in direct sunlight.

Q: How do I care for my original painting?

A: Simply clean it with a soft microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. Try to avoid touching it with sharp or abrasive objects. Although resin is hard, it can be scratched. As a final precaution, try to avoid placing your painting in direct sunlight.

Drink Infusions

Q: How do you use your drink infusion kits?

A: Infusing with our kits is simple! Just add 16 oz. of water or your spirit of choice into the jar, set it in the fridge for 3 days, discard the ingredients, and simply pour the infusion on the rocks or into a cocktail.

Q: How many drinks does each kit make?

A: Each Aged & Infused kit infuses 16 oz of booze - enough for 7-8 cocktails depending on how strong you like your drink!

Q: How long after infusing do I have to drink it?

A: That depends on what you infuse with. If you use alcohol, we recommend consuming your infusion kit within one month of infusion. If you use water instead, we recommend you consume your infusion kit within 2 - 3 days of infusion. Regardless of what you infuse with, always be sure to discard the solid ingredients when you're ready to start drinking.

Q: Do I need to refrigerate my infusion kit?

A: Yes. We recommend storing your infusion kit in the fridge for optimal freshness.


Q: Do you commission custom pieces?

A: While we are willing and able to create custom paintings for you, we generally don’t take commissions on serving boards or coasters. That doesn’t mean you can’t let us know about your great idea though! Just send us a message through our contact page to let us know what you’d like to make. If our current schedule and work load allow, we'll consider taking your project.

Q: How do I start commissioning a work with you?

A: Just send us an initial message using our contact page, and give us a quick summary of what you’re looking to do. We’ll be in contact to set up a discovery meeting where you’ll be able to talk directly with our owner and creator, Sarah Cunzolo. She’ll collect the detail of your project and discuss next steps with you.

Q: Are you willing to do any framing or preparations for hanging?

A: Yes. Just let us know as we plan your project. We’ll work with you to determine the style, and then we’ll contact our local contractor. The cost of framing will then be included in your overall quote.

Q: How do you handle payments for custom works?

A: When the proposal is finalized and signed, a non-refundable payment of half the final cost is due before starting. An online invoice will be delivered via email. Once the project is complete, the remaining payment plus shipping is due. This will be delivered as another online invoice via email.

Q: What’s the usual time frame for a commission?

A: Once the proposal is agreed upon and initial payment is received, commissioned artwork has a standard production time of 1 - 2 months, while serving boards and coasters take about 3 - 5 weeks. However, these time frames can shift based on the complexity of your project, as well as on our current workload.