We want you to feel confident with every purchase from Siroh & Ivy. That's why we've compiled answers to the questions most asked by our valued customers. If you can't find your specific question or you need more detail, don't hesitate to send us a message through our online contact form.


Siroh & Ivy is a garage-started, locally-owned, Christian-based furniture company that loves connecting families around the table. Siroh & Ivy furniture is hand-built by a small husband and wife team at our shop in Beaver, PA. We also offer a collection of furniture that we source responsibly and hand-finish onsite. If you'd like to know more about us, please read our story here.

Other important resources you should read before purchasing from us include our cosmetic standards, Ivy League Guarantee, shipping policy, refund policy, and terms of service. While this is a good amount of material to review, it's important to be fully informed when planning to invest in custom handcrafted furniture.

While we do make many of our tables and benches 100% from scratch, we also source a few items.

Some of our tables and benches use legs that have been sourced from a trusted vendor. Similarly, we source all of our chairs from a vendor located right here in the USA. We then assemble and finish them by hand in our woodshop.

We do this for a few reasons. First, these vendors have mastered their craft, so you can trust that the items we source from them are beautiful and high quality. Second, by sourcing these choice items rather than building them from scratch, it reduces both the cost of your project and the time it takes us to complete it.

We call that a win win!

For full details on the ordering process, check out our how to order page. Options include ordering directly from our online store or over the phone by calling 412-716-5493. Based on the results of the call, we can also set up a Zoom meeting or meet in person if you live near Beaver, PA.

Yes and no. While you won't have to sign a separate contract, when you receive your invoice it will contain a section with links to the various policies on our website. It is to your benefit to review these policies. Once you submit your invoice, you agree to all of our policies, which include our terms and conditions. The terms and conditions outline important information regarding adjustments to the scope of a project, how late payments are handled, what happens if you terminate a project, etc. You can find the full details of our terms and conditions here.

Please read over the details included on our how to order page.

Please read over the details included on our how to order page.

Please read over the details included on our how to order page.

We've got you covered! We're here to help you pick the right style, size, and custom options for you, your family, your space, and your budget. Just give us a call at 412-716-5493, text us, or send us a message through our online contact form. We're passionate about connecting families around the table, so it's our pleasure to work directly with you.

Please read over the details included on our polyurethane finish page.

Though your order will look similar to what you see online, we cannot guarantee it will be a perfect match. Given the handmade nature of our products, variations and imperfections are expected and worthy of celebration. Just as every tree is unique, so is every piece of furniture that is created and hand-finished just for you. Just think: there will never be another item made just like yours.

With that in mind, please read through our cosmetic standards BEFORE purchasing from us. There will be no refunds given or rework done for the color of the product being slightly different than expected. With that being said, we strive to always do our very best to match your expectations.

You only pay extra for a few specific stain options, if you choose to distress your furniture, or if you want fully stained chairs instead of a paint-and-stain combo. Any custom-requested stains will come at an added fee.

This will be determined at the time the order is placed. You'll simply communicate these specifications to us over the phone or by email. If you're having trouble deciding, no worries! We can always do the first invoice, get the project started, and figure out the stain and paint colors later.

You can send us a message through our online contact form, call or text us at 412-716-5493, or message us on our Instagram channel. A representative will get in touch with you within 24 - 48 hours.

Special customizations

The best way to communicate specifications and any special notes is by email. This ensures there is a digital paper trail that can be referenced. Though we may have brief phone, text, and social media conversations, it's best to communicate all important details by email so there is one main place to check for details.

Please note that we cannot rework your furniture because of missing notes. If there are special details, they MUST be communicated to us via email. We will not be held liable to ideas that were mentioned in passing but never officially written down.

No. At this time we do not offer any tables with extensions or leaves.

Payment, shipping, & refunds

We have two major payment approaches for you to choose from:

· Pay in full on our online store
· Pay a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% upon completion of your furniture (i.e., not upon delivery but notification of the completion of the furniture.) This option will have to happen over the phone or by a Zoom/in-person meeting.

We also offer an assortment of payment methods including:

· Debit/credit card
· Paypal
· Check
· PayPal credit (You can get 0% financing for 6 months if you have an account)
· Shop Pay Installments (two different installment payment options available)

If you use PayPal credit or Shop Pay Installments, they will pay our company in full. You will then be responsible for making minimum payments to them each month until your order is paid off in full.

Please read over the details included on our official refund policy page.

If you want to make changes to your existing order, you must notify us of these changes within 48 hours after the order is placed. Otherwise, there's a chance we've already started working on your items, and making a change would result in wasted materials and labor. We will not grant modifications made to your order after this 48-hour mark.

For furniture, pickup, local delivery, and LTL freight options are available when completing your purchase. Local delivery is listed as free but is NOT actually free. We will have a separate phone call with you to estimate this cost and submit a separate invoice. LTL freight is estimated at a minimum of $500. If there are additional costs beyond that, we will discuss this with you.

For decor products, local pickup and multiple USPS options will be shown at checkout.

Please read our shipping policy and our refund policy in full before purchasing any furniture from us. We want you to be comfortable with the process and aware of all of your options before investing in handcrafted custom furniture.

Our waiting list can range from 8 -14 weeks. Sometimes it takes a little longer; sometimes a little less. This changes depending on how many orders we have in our queue at the time you order, as well as how many pieces are actually in your order.

All lead times are PURELY ESTIMATES. Our primary goal is to make sure you have a high-quality product that you're going to love for years to come.

It depends. We do offer rush orders for a fee. The fee depends on how soon you need the piece(s) and is usually between $250-$750. Though we do try our best to get you what you the piece on time, sometimes there is just no way to rush orders.

We'll reach out to you before we start production on your furniture order to confirm that 1)the details of the order are correct and 2)you are ready to receive your custom furniture. This is your opportunity to delay production if you are not ready to receive your furniture.

If we've received confirmation from you, finished your furniture, and are ready to deliver it, we cannot hold or store your furniture under any circumstances.

Please read over the details included in our official backorder plicy page.

Only under very certain circumstances. Please review the details as outlined on our official refund policy page.

Every piece we make is made to order. That means you choose the size, style, and color. Keep in mind that every piece of wood is different! Every board will stain slightly differently, please understand this before ordering with us. It is not something we have control over. Please read over the details outlined in our official refund policy page.

Maintenance & support

Please read over the details included on our polyurethane finish page.

Yes, we call it our Ivy League Guarantee. Please read the details of this guarantee here.

Our guarantee covers all manufacturer defects concerning products made inaccurately or not functioning correctly. For example:

· You ordered a 10-foot-long table but received an 8-foot-long table
· Joints in the wood are insecure and wobbly

What our warranty does not cover is anything that has occurred due to mishandling of furniture, such as damaging the finish, force to the wood causing it to break, or natural tendencies of wood when treated to extreme humidity & temperature changes (twisting, bowing, warping). Wood is a natural product, so we have no control over it moving over time, especially in different temperatures and humidity.

Read all about our Ivy League Guarantee here.

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