Ivy League Guarantee

We stand behind everything we make and work hard to ensure our pieces last. However, if you ever have issues with your furniture, please reach out and we'll make it right.

Our promise

  1. If your furniture isn’t built to the specifications you selected, we’ll fix or replace it at no additional cost.
  2. If your furniture is delivered to you damaged, we’ll fix or replace it at no additional cost.
  3. If your furniture ever cracks or splits due to faulty manufacturing, we’ll fix or replace it at no additional cost.

Keep it for life

The Ivy League Guarantee is yours for as long as you own your custom Siroh & Ivy furniture. Our small team is like a family, which means you won’t get stuck behind call centers and big company policies. We're here to help you even after the sale.


Natural Wood Characteristics

Our furniture is handcrafted from real wood. This means it naturally has variations and other characteristics that some may see as imperfections. While we love these features, we recognize some people don't. Please be sure to read our cosmetic standards before ordering.

Custom Stains and Paint

If you have provided Siroh & Ivy with a custom stain and/or paint of your choosing, then you agree to receive your furniture as is no matter the outcome of that custom stain and/or paint. While Siroh & Ivy will use all professional means and best-practice methods to achieve optimal results, they cannot guarantee the custom stain and/or paint you provided will meet or match your expectations. In such an instance, The Ivy League Guarantee does not require Siroh & Ivy to adjust or change your custom stain and/or paint.

Damage Due to Misuse or Abuse

The Ivy League Guarantee only applies to instances of cracking or splitting due to faulty manufacturing. The Ivy League Guarantee DOES NOT cover any damage sustained due to misuse or abuse by the buyer, their family, or any acquaintances.  Examples include but are not limited to damage due to standing on, dropping things on, placing very heavy items on, spilling damaging liquids on, or running into your Siroh & Ivy furniture.

Any damage due to lack of or improper maintenance of the finishing top coat of your furniture is also excluded. This includes but is not limited to using an unapproved solvent to clean your furniture, thus causing damage to the protective top coat.

Damage due to extreme weather

Wood is a natural material that absorbs and releases moister. When exposed to extreme hot/cold temperatures and large swings in humidity, wood can move very rapidly and potentially crack. This is not a defect in manufacturing but rather a natural shortcoming of solid wood furniture. The Ivy League Guarantee does not cover damages due to extreme weather conditions. For instance, if your table shifts and cracks after being stored outside in cold, hot, or rainy weather, Siroh & Ivy is not responsible for fixing those damages. Or, if you unfortunately experience a loss of heat during a very cold night and your home's temperature drops drastically, resulting cracks due to that shift are not covered by the Ivy League Guarantee.

Damage Due to Movement After Initial Delivery

The Ivy League Guarantee only covers damages sustained at the time of initial delivery when performed by Siroh & Ivy delivery drivers or contracted freight companies. The Ivy League Guarantee DOES NOT cover any damage sustained during future moves, whether they are within your current home or new places of residence.

Pre-made Furniture

The Ivy League Guarantee only applies to furniture pieces you order to be built from scratch. The Ivy League Guarantee DOES NOT apply to any Siroh & Ivy furniture or home decor products that are pre-made and that you purchased at a store, in-person show, online, or second hand.

Fixing excluded damages

If you experience one of the above excluded damages, please let us know. We may still be able to fix or improve the damage, but we would have to charge for materials, time, and possibly pickup/delivery. All of those details would be discussed and approved by you before any invoices are generated.

Need help?

If you ever have a question about your furniture or have an issue that needs resolved, reach out to us through our contact form. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.