People are our passion

Furniture is our expression

Siroh & Ivy was created by Mark and Sarah Cunzolo, a husband and wife team who value community and building strong relationships. Through family time, serving as church home leaders, mentoring teens, and hosting game nights, they've seen the impact of spending quality time with the people they love.

In 2018, they founded Siroh & Ivy as a Pittsburgh-based home decor brand that could bring people together around good art, food, and wine. The goal, however, was always to graduate to building high-quality furniture that could help families and friends connect in meaningful ways.

This is why we build

It's not for profit margins. It's not for brand recognition. It's for the late night conversations, family dinners, and board game marathons that help you build what truly matters—special memories.

how to order

Our values


Our build-on-demand approach ensures that every piece of furniture you buy receives the focused craftsmanship you deserve.

Customer Experience

Every time you work with Siroh & Ivy, you can expect to be valued and treated with respect. We keep you connected through every step of the build process.


When you purchase from us, you're supporting a larger community of makers and tradesmen. We collaborate with other PA brands to bring you amazing furniture.

From our home to yours

Our wood shop is on our home property so we never forget that we're making heirloom pieces for yours. Thank you for visiting us and we hope to build something amazing for you.

how to order

Real furniture. Real people.

If you have a question about our furniture, just reach out. You'll always be able to get in touch with us. Please include your phone number as a secondary method of contact.

Phone: 412-716-5493

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