Polyurethane Finish

When it comes to most of our furniture, we apply water-based polyurethane by spraying 3 - 4 coats, with sanding between each coat to create a near-flawless finish. We use a satin, low-sheen finish by default. We find this low sheen looks the best on real, solid wood furniture and is easier to keep clean and smudge free than higher gloss finishes.

Why you'll love it

Water-based poly is a great finish for solid wood furniture for three main reasons:

  • It's hard
  • It's durable
  • It's scratch resistant (though not scratch proof)
  • It's low VOC

Dining room tables take a beating, especially with younger kids. We eat, play, and do homework all around the table, so you need something that stands up to the test. Polyurethane is what you need.

    Cautions to be aware of

    Despite the durability of lacquer, there are still a few things you'll want to avoid:

    • Coasters and placemats are still recommended in order to protect the finish for as long as possible.
    • If something is too hot to hold, you'll want to put down a hot pad or trivet. Lacquer is tough but it's not stone.
    • Though the poly protects against spills/liquids, you should still try to wipe up and dry the area as quickly as possible.
    • You can damage your top if you spill something chemically abrasive on it like fingernail polish remover.
    • You also don't want to use hard chemicals to clean your table, as that may wear down the finish over the years.


    Please wait 21 days after application for your finish to cure before heavy use and any cleaning.

    Cleaning and prevention:

    • Dust - remove regularly with a lightly water-dampened microfiber cloth as dust can build up over time and may scratch or dull finishes
    • Fingerprints, cooking fumes, and smoking residue - remove with mild soapy water and a microfiber cloth as they accumulate on surfaces and dull the original luster
    • Water, alcohol, and food spills - remove in a timely manner with a lightly water-dampened microfiber cloth (and mild soap if grease is involved)
    • Drying - gently wipe down surface after cleaning with a dry microfiber cloth
    • Trivets, placemats, and coasters - please use them to protect and maximize the life of the finish (if you treat it like a work table, it will eventually look like a work table)


    • Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
    • Any furniture polish, cleaners, or dusting sprays that contain silicone, alcohol, ammonia, and/or anything acidic
    • Excessive exposure to direct sunlight, high/low temperatures, or high humidity as these can damage furniture and finishes


    • Before choosing to perform a touch up yourself, reach out to us for advice
    • Our guarantee does not cover touch ups caused by damages of your own doing, nor does it apply to any touch ups you choose to perform
    • If you do decide to perform touch ups, please clean surfaces thoroughly according to the standards outlined above as touch up materials may not adhere properly or perform as desired over a contaminated surface